We Repair Lawn Sprinklers!

We all know the Nebraska winters can get really cold and this cold is bad for your sprinkler systems. Freezing pipes are a major problem that can lead to costly damage to your sprinkler system. Sprinkler Master Lincoln, Nebraska wants to help you avoid sprinkler problems by winterizing your sprinkler system. With our effective 5 step winterization process you can rest assured that your sprinkler system is safe. Call us at 402-937-9521 to get your sprinklers blown out in Lancaster County. 


We offer Sprinkler winterizations to the following areas and zip codes in Lincoln, Nebraska:


40th and A 68506

Belmont 68521

Clinton 68505

Country Club 68502

Family Acres 68516

Hartley 68503

Meadowland 68510

Near South 68508

South 48th street 68516

University Place 68507